Rinnovare design, manufacture and install their own range of kitchens. We can cater for the most discerning of client with our range of traditional and contemporary kitchens. From solid timber carcases to innovative design features a Rinnovare kitchen will be a real investment in any home.

Andria Shaker 

The Andria Shaker kitchen features a traditional v-groove door with simple detailing and is both chic and stylish.

A classic kitchen in both function and form, the Andria Shaker suits both small and large areas, is hard working and when designed correctly looks amazing.

This kitchen is available in a wide range of colours with many options available.

Ancona Shaker

The Ancona Shaker by Rinnovare is a typical country style kitchen. 

When planning for the Ancona Shaker traditional, rural features like open ceiling beams and natural floor finishes can be incorporated to achieve a real rural setting, no matter how large or small the area.

The Ancona Shaker is available in a wide a range of colours along with many design features that will truly recreate a real country style kitchen.

Mirano Shaker 

The Mirano Shaker from Rinnovare is a kitchen for those who want to maximise their design options.

Featuring a selection of smooth painted colours and design options, the Mirano Shaker offers real opportunities to design the kitchen of your dreams.

The Mirano Shaker is a truly versatile design that lends itself equally to a wide range of styles from modern to traditional.

Available in a wide range colours the Mirano Shaker is a style for many different settings.

Ravenna Contemporary

The Ravenna Contemporary range of kitchens is a true modern classic. 

With its streamlined, seamless flow and integrated j-handle design the Ravenna Contemporary creates the perfect kitchen for modern living.

Available in both high gloss and matte finishes, the Ravenna Contemporary offers the home owners many options to create the setting that shows the benefits and beauty of ergonomic design

Siena Contemporary

The Siena Contemporary range from Rinnovare embraces the industrial look.

With options in both gloss and matte finishes the Siena Contemporary can sit effortlessly in many settings. Dramatic looks can be created by mixing contrasting colours which in turn leaves endless possibilities for design options.

With its many options for stylish finishes and minimalist features, the Siena Contemporary from Rinnovare is a real modern day classic. 

Como Inframe

The epitome of true elegance, the Como Inframe from Rinnovare brings both style and substance to your home.

With its many features including ornately detailed inframe design and numerous accessories the Como Inframe will create a timeless masterpiece within your home.

Available in a wide range of bespoke colours the Como Inframe will add beauty and style to any home for the discerning client.

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