Rinnovare Living design bathrooms and ensuites so that are functional in form and elegant in style. From walk in shower areas to innovative storage solutions Rinnovare Living can design a bathroom or ensuite that will maximise the existing space in your home.


The modern bathroom is expected not only to be a place to wash and shower but also a place where you can relax.

We in Rinnovare Living are experts when it comes to the design of new bathrooms. We explore all options with the client and prepare a drawing to fully illustrate the design we will use so that all spaces are fully utilised.

Rinnovare Living design, source and install all bathroom projects, including tiling, plumbing and electrical works.

Ensuite Bathrooms

With our innovative approach to design we can make even the smallest of ensuites both functional in form and stylish.

Previous projects have shown how even the smallest of ensuites can be transformed with some very simple design features. We can overcome the challenges that limited space poses and create an ensuite that not only functions in form but will be stylish to look at.

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